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Q: Where is Fusion Golf Academy Located
A: Fusion Golf Academy is located on the sprawling 65 acre Woodinville Sports Club property in Woodinville, WA.  Fusion Golf Academy facilities include expansive natural grass practice tees, 45 covered hitting bays with Top Tracer Technology,  4,500 square foot bent grass putting green. 

Coming in 2020, Fusion Golf Academy is excited to announce our new natural grass short game practice area. Finally a place to work on your short game !!!   Two large short game greens , multiple sand and grass practice bunkers, bent grass putting green, and two natural grass tee boxes!!  Also included are state of the art fitness facilities steps  away from the golf practice area. 

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Q: I’m visiting Fusion Golf Academy for the first time, where do I park?
A: Parking is available in the main parking lot adjacent to the practice range, with additional parking available in the lot on the Northside of Woodinville Sports Club. 


Q: What are the hours for the practice range?  
A: 530am - 10pm weekdays    730am - 9pm weekends, last bucket sold 30 prior to closing


Q: Is Fusion Golf Academy part of Woodinville Sports Club?
A: Fusion Golf Academy is a proud partner of the Woodinville Sports Club, serving as the exclusive golf instruction provider at the Woodinville Sports Club property.   


Q: Is there a dress code at Fusion Golf Academy?
A: Golf attire is best, but athletic clothing is acceptable.  


Q: Do I need golf shoes?
A: The golf swing is a dynamic athletic motion, so we recommend athletic footwear ... golf shoes work best! 


Q: Does Fusion Golf Academy have a putting green?
A: YES!! More than 40% of your strokes are PUTTS. It’s time to work the flatstick at Fusion Golf Academy.  Our new putting green features 4,500 square feet of bent grass putting surface just steps away from the practice tee. 


Be sure to visit our event calendar for info on the FGA Tour Putting School -. Our comprehensive one day putting school includes a premium custom putter fitting and FGA’s Tour Level analysis of your putting game. With the properly fit putter and a game plan for this area of your game - Your Scores Will Come Down in 2020!!!

Q: Does Fusion Golf Academy have natural grass practice areas?
A: Tired of pounding old range balls off worn out mats or poorly maintained grass? Ever wish there was a convenient place you could work on your sand shots? Ever wish there was a place to really work on that flop shot that has always eluded you? How about those all important 50 yard shots from a tight lie, or a greenside chip from deep rough?.....


Search no more. Opening in 2020 - A new, full scale natural grass short game practice center is available to you at Fusion Golf Academy. You know lower scores comes from a consistent short game ...but how can you develop a short game if you don’t have a quality place to work on it? No problem. Come and check out Fusion Golf Academy’s 25,000 square feet of bent grass short game greens, practice bunkers and 100 yards of newly leveled natural grass tee boxes. No more excuses! 

Q: What makes Fusion Golf Academy different from other golf instruction?
A: Golf is a multi faceted sport. It’s not just swing technique…..which means learning to play golf is not just about beating balls and getting in your 10,000 hours of practice.

Whether you’re a new golfer, elite competitor, or somewhere in between - our integrated, team based approach will helps you build each of the needed skill sets of the game: Technical, Physical, Mental, Emotional - quickly accelerating your journey toward reaching your best possible results on the golf course. 


Q: What is your coaching culture at Fusion Golf Academy? 
Our training culture aims to develop  a “Growth Mindset” way of life for our players. 


We don’t believe talent or human performance has a ceiling, We believe human performance is only limited or unlimited by the “Mindset” of the student. 


Because of that belief, we are never distracted by what we see in front of us, instead we look to the future and say ‘what is this child’s potential and how can we create the pathway that can take them toward the  upper levels of their potential.’


As our students mature and develop the growth mindset - they become stronger and come to believe their abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort, learning, and persistence.


Q: Does Fusion Golf Academy have Junior Golf Programs?

A: FGA offers a wide range of options for junior player development. Private lessons, clinics, camps, and Academy Memberships are all available. - LEARN MORE 


Q: What are the Fusion Golf Academy Junior Memberships?

A: We offer two distinct academy memberships for junior golfers to choose from: 

Junior Unlimited Membership -  A recreational pathway, designed for students interested in learning golf, the major training focus is aimed at developing the ABC’s of Athleticism (the ability to master athletic movements), coupled with development fundamental golf specific skill sets. 

For the Junior Unlimited Member training is held after school, and is conducted in a small group setting.  As a Junior Unlimited Member, attendance at training sessions is unlimited. 

Junior Aspire Membership - Designed for players wanting to explore the competitive golf pathway and opportunities in high school, amateur, college and professional golf. 

For FGA’s Aspire Member, training becomes more focused - with a fully integrated training approach that develops advanced skill levels in each major area of the game. 


This development pathway features a periodized annual training plan, which systematically breaks each players training into phases throughout the year to optimize what gets worked on - and when it gets worked on.  

Q: Does Fusion Golf Academy offer Junior Golf Camps?

A: Yes!! Summer golf camps in 2020 are going to rock at Fusion Golf Academy. Geared for all ages and skill levels, Fusion Golf Camps teach all aspects of the game including putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, course management, and mental training. - LEARN MORE

Q: What is the Fusion Golf Academy Junior Unlimited Membership? 

A: An annual membership, this recreational pathway is designed for students interested in learning golf, the training progresses from developing the ABC’s of Athleticism (the ability to master athletic movements), to the development of all fundamental golf specific skill sets. 

For the Junior Unlimited Member training is held after school, and is conducted in a small group setting.  As a Junior Unlimited Member, attendance at training sessions is unlimited. 

Q: What is an example of a Junior Unlimited Membership Training Session? 

FGA Junior Unlimited Membership Class (5-8 & 9-12 years old) would be:  

  • 10-15 minute warm up and FMS (fundamental movement skill) patterns development

  • 20-25 minute circuit training. Focused on FGS (Fundamental Golf Skill) and FMS (Fundamental Movement Skill). The FMS develops the athlete, and the FGS develops the golfer. 

  • 10 minute Topic of The Day Introduction - (Specific Golf Skills: Grip, Posture, Balance etc) 

  • 20 minute Topic of the Day Practice with hands on coach instruction for each student

  • 15 minute fun contest or competition

  • 5 minutes Rules of Golf and Character Development Messaging

  • Develop the Athlete so the Golfer can emerge! 


Q: What is the FGA Elite Development Track?

A: Within the Aspire Membership framework is the FGA Elite Development Track. This advanced level training is more focused - aiming at achieving  ‘peak performance’ during the competitive tournament season. 


FGA Elite Players follow a detailed annual training plan that utilizes a periodized training approach.  This approach helps players and coaches systematically break training into phases throughout the year - optimizing what gets worked on, when it gets worked on - and how it will be executed.   


To help execute on their Annual Training Plans, Elite Development Track players benefit from a fully integrated team approach that builds, refines and develops advanced competitive skill sets in each major area of the game. In addition to the FGA coaching staff, our integrated support team features professional team members that include: nutritionists, sports psychologists, strength and conditioning, physiotherapists and tour level equipment specialists.  


By approaching the player development in this way, our periodized annual training becomes a unique weapon that allows FGA members to develop the skills and confidence to play their best when it matters most. 

Q: What is The LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program? 

A: LPGA*USGA Girls Golf is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girls ages 6 – 17 with the opportunity to learn the game of golf, while inspiring positive self esteem and active healthy lifestyles through The Five E’s of Girls Golf. 


As an approved site for LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program, Fusion Golf Academy hosts clinics, camps and social events throughout the year, as well as hosting on course events at local area courses.  


 Some benefits of Fusion Golf's LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program include:

  • Golf clubs provided by Sticks for Kids program

  • Welcome Kit for each girl with backpack, visor, ball markers etc.

  • Interactive Mobile App for easy sign up, event registration and streamlined easy parent communications 

  • Special event and scholarship opportunities

  • Free entry to LPGA, Symetra Tour, and USGA events. 

For 2020 schedule or to learn how to sign up click here


Q: What is Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) 

A: At Fusion Golf Academy, we look outside the traditional golf instruction blueprint to find key information from modern sports and applied sciences that will help our players to accelerate the development of an integrated skill set - which can maximize their performance potential. 

At FGA, a key concept of our approach is aligned with the principles of Long Term Athletic Development.  LTAD is the guiding light of all Olympic sports science experts - and provides a training framework that optimizes training, competition and recovery schedules for athletes at each specific age, and each specific phase of their growth and development.

LTAD  is organized into 5 different phases based on the age of the athlete. These are:

  • FUNdamentals (ages 6-9)

  • Learn To Train (ages 9-12)

  • Training To Train (ages 12-16)

  • Train To Compete (ages 16-18)

  • Train To Win (ages 17+)

Q: What is the FGA Annual Training Plan?

As part of our Aspire Membership, our coaches work with each player to chart out a periodized annual training plan that has specific training and development activities for each phase of the year. This plan will be designed to match up with each players specific profile and goals. 

Designed based on each players profile and goals - committing to and executing this plan accelerates our players development,  and provides a significant competitive edge when it matters most. 


The typical components that make up the periodized FGA Annual Training Plan are:

  • Equipment

  • Planning / Administration 

  • Health / Fitness

  • Skill Development / Practice

  • Mental Game Skills

  • Stat Analysis

  • Event Preparation

  • Miscellaneous


Q: What is the coaching experience level for the junior golf program?

A: You’re in very capable hands at Fusion Golf Academy. Our team of highly trained coaches include nationally recognized award winners, seasoned twenty year PGA Member coaches, and young, energetic coaches embarking on their careers as PGA teaching professionals.


In addition to formal PGA training, each member of FGA’s coaching staff is also certified through our internal coaching certification administered by FGA Director of Coaching, Joe Thiel, PGA. 


Developed and delivered personally by Mr. Thiel, our proprietary coaching certification is tour tested, detailed and comprehensive - drawing on decades of  experience developing and coaching world class junior players and touring professionals. 


A Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and one of only 300 PGA Master Professionals in the US, Joe’s tour proven recipe for player development has helped countless players over the years, including former LPGA Tour player and world #1 Se-ri Pak, and PGA Tour winner and current world top 50, Andrew Putnam.


Q: How is Fusion Golf Academy different from other golf lessons I’ve had before?
A: At Fusion Golf we believe that to PLAY the game, ENJOY the game and PROGRESS toward our true potential - four areas of the game must be developed, they are: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Technical. 


Unfortunately, due to various factors, the historical blueprint for golf instruction has been flawed because it has focused almost exclusively on one area: the Technical aspect of the game. 


While we agree that Technical Skills are an important part of the golf equation, the fact is - the ability to execute technical skills is determined by having well balanced strengths in the other three areas of the game.


To ensure each key area of the game is developed, we take an integrated, holistic approach with each student. This approach takes many forms, including: customized assessments and professionally developed personalized practice plans for each area, all backed up by current sports science and our proven track record for developing players at every skill level from grass roots beginners to PGA Tour professionals. 

To schedule a lesson, email us with preferred date and time or call us directly at 888.259.6509

Q: Do you offer golf lessons for beginners?
A: Fusion Golf Academy is the ideal place to start your golf journey. All ages welcome. Adult golf, junior golf, boys and girls golf! 

Check out our Adult Ladies Starter Class -  A four week series in April 2020, covering the four major parts of the game to help you get ready for the golf course!....Mental, Technical, Physical and Equipment. Visit our Events Page for details and sign up!!


Q: Do you offer group golf lessons?
A: Yes!  Check out our Lesson Menu Page for options  or call us today at 888.259.6509 to schedule your custom group package.  
Q: How much do golf lessons cost?
A: We offer a wide range of lesson types, so costs will depend on what your goals are. Please visit our Lesson Menu Page to see the available options, or call us at  888.259.2509 to talk to our team.  


Q: How do I schedule a golf lesson at Fusion Golf Academy?   
A: Super easy - Call us at 888.259.6509 or email us and tell us the date and time you’d prefer - we’ll call you back within 24 hours to confirm availability!! 

Q: Do you have golf lessons for Ladies?
A: We love ladies golf. We offer private lessons, group packages, and also have Ladies Golf Night’s on Wednesday’s from February through October. 

Also coming in Spring 2020 - Ladies Golf Boot Camp!! A Five week program covering each major aspect of the game of golf - Technical, Physical, Mental, Emotional - A great way to kick  start your golf journey.  Space will be limited. Email us today to save your spot! 

Q: How do I sign up for Ladies Golf Night?
A: Visit our Events Page to sign up!

Q: Where do we meet for Ladies Golf Night?
A: We hold Ladies Golf Night at the golf practice range at Woodinville Sports Club. The address is 15327 140th Place NE, Woodinville, WA 98072. If you need help with directions, you can always call us at 888-259-6509

Q: Does Fusion Golf Academy have tournaments I can participate in?
A: Each Monday from April through October, our PGA Teaching Professionals take teams of amateur partners (that would be you) to participate in Pro-Am Tournaments run by the Western Washington PGA at many of the best courses throughout Western Washington. 

These one day events are a great opportunity to play the area’s finest courses and compete on a team with your favorite teaching professionals (that would be us). 
If you’d like to participate in these fun and competitive events, please visit our 2020 Pro Am Page to see the available events and for sign up instructions!

Q:  Do you offer club fitting?
A: Yes!  FGA is proud to offer the industry’s best premium club fitting experience in partnership with Club Champion of Bellevue, WA. There is no better club fitting solution available. 

Please call us at 888.259.6509 or email us to learn more.


Q:  Will you have Demo Days in 2020? 
A: YES! For dates and times, stay tuned to the Fusion Golf Academy events calendar.


Q: Do you have what it takes to play college golf?

A: The truth is that there are many different levels of college golf. Division 1 golf is the most competitive and many of the top schools require scores like those shown in the chart below. 


That said, there are literally hundreds of other opportunities to play college golf for lower ranked Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and Junior Colleges. If your goal is to play college golf, there is probably a program somewhere in the country that will be a good fit for your game. 

To see how you’re current game stacks up, email us today to schedule a detailed assessment of your game on and off the golf course.



Q: What kind of scores do college players shoot?

A: College golf tournaments are generally 36 or 54 holes, while most high school competitions are only 9 or 18 holes. Based on these differences, endurance and stamina over 54 holes is a major factor that college coaches look for, and is the main reason college coaches pay very little attention to high school golf results, except for 36 hole events like state championships. 


With this in mind, it becomes important for the aspiring college player to expand their competitive tournament schedule beyond High School Golf to be sure they will have opportunities to demonstrate success in 36 and 54 hole events. 

Q: How many college golf teams are there?

A: There are literally hundreds of college golf teams throughout the US, see the breakdown below by size: 

NAIA - 174 Men’s Teams / 164 Women’s Teams

  • Men’s: 5 scholarships per team / average roster size 10

  • Womens: 5 scholarships per team / average roster size 7

NJCAA - 191 Men’s Teams / 80 Women’s Teams

  • Men’s: 8 scholarships per team / average roster size 8

  • Women’s: 8 scholarships per team / average roster size 5

NCAA Division I - 297 Teams

  • Men’s: 4.5 scholarships per team / average roster size 10 

  • Womens: 6 scholarships per team / average roster size 8 

NCAA Division II - 239 Teams

  • Men’s: 3.6 scholarships per team / average roster size 11 

  • Women’s: 5.4 scholarships per team / average roster size 8 

NCAA Division III - 295 Teams

  • Men’s: 0 scholarships per team / average roster size 11 

  • Women’s 0 scholarships per team / average roster size 8

Q: When should my son or daughter begin researching and visiting colleges?

A: As a potential student-athlete, you cannot wait until the last minute if you expect to target your “best fit” schools that still have roster positions available. Sometimes rosters fill up a year in advance leaving last-minute recruits without an opportunity to play for the team of their choice. 

Q: Are full scholarships common in the sport of golf?

A: For women’s NCAA Division I golf programs, it is fairly common to see women’s DI programs award full scholarships, however this is a competitive process. These programs are allowed to award annually a maximum of six (6) full scholarships to their entire team. In men’s NCAA Division I golf, partial scholarships are more common. A very small number of players actually receive full scholarships - and these are generally offered to the nation’s most elite junior players and those who are being heavily recruited. In both cases, some recruits are offered “invited walk-on roster spots” with no scholarship money included. 

Q: What do college golf coaches look for?

A: On the range, coaches are watching juniors closely to evaluate technique and general athleticism. Is the player serious, disciplined, and focused or is practice time used to socialize? Does the player pick specific targets, practice using a pre-shot routine and use alignment aids during practice, or do they just hit balls rapidly with no purpose? 

On the golf course, coaches are interested to a player’s personality traits in competition and see how players react to tough situations. A bad break, an outside distraction, a difficult hole location, or a string of lip outs.... coaches want to know ahead of time that a player can deal with adversity before they decide to offer that player a scholarship or roster position. 

Another example of how a coach evaluates talent has to do with demeanor and presentation. Do players present themselves with pride? Are their shoes, golf bag and clubs clean and in good order? These issues matter to all coaches. No one wants to invest time or money in a player who doesn’t take pride in how they represent themselves. 

Finally, all coaches are interested to see how players interact with their parents and tournament administrators at tournaments. Is it a pleasant and supportive relationship, or are parents and children constantly arguing back and forth, even during the tournament rounds? Coaches who sense disrespectful behavior and hostility between the player and their parents will often hesitate to offer a roster spot or scholarship to that player. 

Q: What should a parent’s role be in the college golf search and recruiting process?

A: Encourage your child to properly research colleges and golf programs early in the recruiting process. Be realistic (academically, athletically, financially and socially) when targeting potential colleges to attend. Keep your child focused on academic excellence throughout high school including SAT and ACT prep classes. 

Resources: Listed below are several websites that may be useful as you begin the journey toward college golf. 

  • NCSA - Get yourself noticed by college coaches - create a recruiting profile for yourself in this national database  

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