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Designed for players wanting to explore the competitive golf pathway and opportunities in high school, amateur, college and professional golf. For FGA’s Aspire Member, training becomes more focused - with a fully integrated training approach that develops advanced skill levels in each major area of the game. 

As an Aspire Member, your junior golfer will benefit from our staff of professional coaches that include nationally recognized award winners, seasoned twenty year PGA Member coaches, and young, high energy coaches on the front end of their careers as PGA teaching professionals. 

In addition to formal PGA training, each member of FGA’s coaching staff is certified through our internal coach training administered by PGA Master Professional and Fusion Golf Academy Director of Coaching, Joe Thiel, PGA. A Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor and one of only 300 PGA Master Professionals in the US, Joe’s recipe for junior player development is tour tested, having developed countless Elite Level Junior players over the years, including former LPGA Tour player and world #1 Se-ri Pak, and PGA Tour winner and current world top 50, Andrew Putnam. 

The FGA Aspire membership systematically breaks each players training into phases throughout the year to optimize what gets worked on - and when it gets worked on.  


 ASPIRE   Annual Training Plan - Snapshot of Key Elements 

  • Goal setting

  • How to practice effectively

  • Mental skills and strategies

  • Strategy, tactics, game management

  • Statistic collection and analysis

  • Fitness and flexibility 

  • Nutrition and hydration 

  • Competition preparation 

  • Some Key Technical Concepts 


Some Key Technical Concepts 

  • Thorough understanding of the impact conditions and related ball flights

  • Accuracy and distance control with all clubs

  • Detailed knowledge of escape shot techniques (fades, draws, ball position, body alignment, clubface angle)



As players progress in the Aspire Membership training framework, they can become eligible for the Elite Development Track by successfully passing performance based testing and meeting pre established player benchmarks. 

Elite Development Track players benefit from an advanced integrated approach that builds and refines advanced competitive skill sets in each major area of the game. In addition to the FGA coaching staff, our integrated support team features professional team members that include: nutritionists, sports psychologists, strength and conditioning, physiotherapists and tour level equipment specialists.  

By approaching the player development framework in this way, our periodized annual training becomes a unique weapon that allows FGA members to develop the skills and confidence to play their best when it matters most. 

Elite Development Track - Some Key Focus Areas

  • Teach players to compete under any kind of condition or circumstance

  • Training is year-round with high specificity. 

  • Training emphasizes the application of basic and sport specific skills under a variety of competition-like conditions during daily training.  

  • Optimize all training, competition and recovery programs. 

  • Individually tailor physical conditioning programs; recovery programs; psychological preparation; and technical development

  • Utilize periodization strategies to effectively manage the athlete’s annual and multi-year schedule. 

  • Establish strategies to monitor and optimize the approach to major competition


As part of the Elite Development Track, players aiming to play college golf can also benefit greatly by participating in our College Golf Roadmap planning service. This part of our Aspire / Elite Membership will be instrumental in helping the aspiring college golfer prepare for the recruiting and selection process, as well as navigating the key milestones and timelines involved with making their college golf dreams a reality.


If you are a junior golfer, or a parent interested in learning more about the Aspire Membership or the Elite Aspire Track, we encourage you to contact us directly to learn more about next steps for getting your Junior player start and progressing in the sport of golf!

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