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We've all been there. Fully committed to getting better, spending valuable time practicing, buying new equipment.....and not seeing any improvement. Shooting the same scores. Why?

The answers can be found in the old saying 'That which can be measured, can be improved'. Do you really know how far you carry each club in the air? Do you honestly know whether you are better off practicing 10 footers, or lag putting? On the mental side, do you know what your best pre shot routine would look like for your specific behavioral style? 

In golf, if you really are serious about having a solid foundation that you can build on - the first thing you need to do is get an honest, accurate, measurable assessment of each part of your current game. 


Once you have this valuable information, it becomes a key part of your tool kit as a player. Think about it....being aware of your strengths means you can play to them on the golf course. Being aware of your weaknesses means we can specifically target and improve them. 


That's why almost all our students begin their golf journey with us by conducting introductory and game specific assessments. As a new student, you will review the  results of these assessments with your coach at one of your initial lessons - together you'll use the results to build a game improvement roadmap that is unique to you and measurable - the ideal foundation for real improvement! 





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