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Build the strongest possible mental game and take your golf season to the next level! 

Much like video and launch monitors produce customized information for improving golf swings and customizing your equipment, The Mental Golf Workshop profile will completely assess and measure a players personalized mental approach to the game of golf.

Upon completing a brief questionnaire designed to identify each player’s golf specific mental profile, a personalized summary is generated describing the player’s mental game tendencies. No complicated graphs or terminology, just straightforward accurate information about the player and their current mental game. 

To launch your Mental Golf Workshop, simply click on the button below, make your payment of $65 in the payment portal provided, and start your workshop!

With uncanny accuracy,  the personalized summary report describes the players golfing personality style and behavioral traits - accurately defining the strengths and weaknesses of their current mental approach to the game.  


Built for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach,  your report includes "workshop" type exercises that will reinforce important mental game strategies and make it easy to self-coach yourself and improve your game. 

Armed with this new self knowledge, you and your coach can develop the best approach toward using the strengths of your mental style to your best advantage. Your report also points out the potential weaknesses of your particular style and gives you customized strategies for improving in those areas. 

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