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Dr. Elizabeth Boyer, PhD

Northwest Performance Psychology  


A Licensed Sport Psychologist and Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Dr. Boyer works with Fusion Golf Academy students from youth/recreational to elite and professional levels to provide an effective psychological approach that is an important part of any performance improvement plan.  

Combining expertise in sport psychology and counseling psychology principles, Dr. Boyer is on a mission to help FGA players and coaches develop effective coping strategies and core strengths in increased resilience, healthy self-esteem and achievement of their goals. 

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Scott Littlefield, MS, CN, CISSN, Susan Lewis, MS, CN

ViTL Nutrition


Fitness Minded, Research - Driven Nutrition Counseling.  


A dynamic team, Scott and Susan bring certified professional expertise in the field of nutrition, empowering Fusion Golf Academy students to do more of what they love and do it better by helping students transform the science of nutrition into delicious foods and individualized strategies to meet their personalized health and performance goals. 


Club Champion,

Premium Club Fitting.

Better Fit...Better Scores.

James Wallace, Master Fitter & Builder


Whether you’re looking for new gear, or to optimize your current set, premium club fitting from Club Champion is the answer. 

The fact is that club variables such as shaft flex, swing weight, club length and loft/lie definitely alter your on course performance. With the experience and know-how in combining these intricate parts together, coupled with the gold standard in fitting technology, Club Champion stands out because they actually assemble your custom fit clubs in - house to exacting, unrivaled tolerances. 

Delivering the same level of service players receive on tour, including the newest heads and shafts with over 35,000 combinations available is what Club Champion is all about. 

Contact Fusion Golf to schedule your Full Bag, Irons only, Wedge or Putter fitting. 

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