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Fusion Golf Academy is excited to announce our 2020 Pre Season Mental Golf Workshop!  This workshop has been designed specifically for High School and College Golf Teams as a way to build the strongest possible mental game to take their 2020 competitive season to the next level! 


Much like video and launch monitors produce customized information for improving golf swings and customizing your equipment -  The Mental Golf Workshop profile will completely assess and measure a players personalized mental approach to the game of golf.


Upon completing a brief questionnaire designed to identify each player’s golf specific mental profile, a personalized summary is generated describing the player’s mental game tendencies. No complicated graphs or terminology, just straightforward accurate information about the player and their current mental game. 


With uncanny accuracy,  the personalized summary report accurately describes the players golfing personality style and behavioral traits - accurately defining the strengths and weaknesses of their current mental approach to the game.  


Built for self-coaching as well as for collaborating with your instructor or coach,  your report includes "workshop" type exercises that will reinforce important mental game strategies and make it easy to self-coach yourself and improve your game. 


Armed with this new self knowledge, you and your coach can develop the best approach toward using the strengths of your mental style to your best advantage. Your report also points out the potential weaknesses of your particular style and gives you customized strategies for improving in those areas. 

What’s Included:

  • Two team practice sessions at Fusion Golf Academy. 

  • Mental Golf Profile Assessment -  a detailed mental game analysis for each player that defines and measures a players mental tendencies in four major areas of the game: 

  • Golf Temperament

  • Pre-Round Preparation

  • Playing Shots

  • Course Management

  • Review of each player’s assessment results with Fusion Golf Academy Director of Mental Conditioning, Dr. Elizabeth Boyer and Fusion Golf Academy Coaching Staff:

  • Player benefit: understanding their unique tendencies and how to improve practice habits, optimize pre round preparation, on course management.  

  • Coach benefit: knowing each player in this meaningful way will dramatically impact your ability to goal set, guide and develop them as individuals

  • Team benefit: knowing your teammates better = more cohesive unit = better experience = better results. 


February & March 2020

  • Designed to be conducted during pre season practice time frame

  • Contact Fusion Golf Academy to schedule 

Location and Cost

  • At Fusion Golf Academy Location, Woodinville WA

  • $85 per player



See What people are saying about the Mental Golf Workshop Profile…...

"We profiled our entire team and it was amazing how accurate and helpful these profiles are. We won our first tournament, The 2005 Mercedes Championship, after we started using the profiles. I gave a talk at the college coaches convention and recommended the profile to all of the coaches." - Puggy Blackmon, Former Men's Golf Coach, The University of South Carolina 

“The beauty of this system is that our players get an accurate and comprehensive report without having to spend hours completing laborious questions. You sure get a lot for the time and money you invest in this process.” - Dr. Greg Rose, Co-Founder Titleist Performance Institute

“This certainly makes you think about your game and what your priorities should be. The profile really helps you understand how to improve your mental game.” - Brad Faxon - 8 Time Winner On The PGA Tour 

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