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Learn To Play is our after school program for the beginning junior golfer, or those with a bit of experience looking to continue their skill development. 

Training Format

The Learn To Play program is delivered in a small group format, with structured weekly lessons that promote skill development across five key areas: Putting, Short Game, Full Swing, Golf Knowledge and Scoring. 

Each week, players will learn:

  • Movement, form and skills for each key area of the game

  • Rules of the game, etiquette and sportsmanship

  • Fun based skill assessment for reinforcement

  • Scoring ability measurables

Learn To Play Calendar

For 2023, we are offering 5 Learn To Play Sessions, 2 for ages 9-11, 2 for ages 12-13 and 1 combined . Each Session runs for 8 consecutive weeks. See session schedule and class times below. 


Session 1 for both ages groups:

  • Wednesday, Mar 1 - Wednesday, Apr 26th

  • 9-11 year old's - 3:00p to 4:15p

  • 12-13 year old's - 4:30p to 5:45p

Session 2 for both ages groups:

  • Wednesday, May 3 - Wednesday, June 14th

  • 9-11 year old's - 3:00p to 4:15p

  • 12-13 year old's - 4:30p to 5:45p

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Session 2 SATURDAYS for both ages groups:

  • Saturday, May 6 - Saturday, June 24th

  • 6-8 year old's & 9-13 year old's

  • 10:45a to 12:00p

New for 2022-23 

  • Classes will be organized by age and skill level to allow for appropriate age / ability-specific training.

  • Returning players who have previously participated in Learn To Play will be given priority scheduling preference.  

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Equipment Note

Clubs should not be a part of the problem when kids are learning to play golf. We are happy to provide properly fit clubs for your player to use during their Learn To Play training. Properly fit clubs will help develop a proper swing plane, power and balance as your young player develops. Most importantly, players using the right set of clubs will develop swing speed and tempo at a young age that they will maintain as they grow. If you’d like to purchase clubs for your junior golfer, we offer complimentary club fitting for all Learn To Play participants, along with seamless order and delivery. Please talk to Coach John for details.

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