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The winter months are a perfect time to get ALL parts of your golf game ready for the upcoming season!  The UNLIMITED range ball and UNLIMITED lesson features of this package make it an incredible value, PLUS the holistic benefits of the Titleist Performance Institute Functional Mobility Assessment AND personal training sessions to help you put it all into action!  


The Winter Improvement Package Includes:

  • Unlimited golf instruction until March 1, 2020 - Our talented staff of teaching professionals will be at your disposal to tune your skills for your best possible 2020 season. 

  • Unlimited range balls until March 1, 2020 - No excuses on this one - armed with your practice plan you'll be able to hone your technique like a tour pro. 

  • V1 Video Swing Analysis - You will benefit from the most powerful golf instruction video software available in golf. 

  • Mental Golf Workshop Assessment - This is our tour proven behavior and personality assessment tailored specifically for the mental aspects of the game of golf. This will provide you with a personalized results profile outlining your current mental game strengths and weaknesses. No complicated graphs or terminology, just straightforward accurate information about you and your mental game. Armed with this critical self knowledge, you and your coach can develop the best approach toward using the strengths of your mental style to your best advantage in 2020.

  • Titleist Performance Institute - Golf Fitness and Flexibility Assessment. The TPI Functional Mobility Screen is a golf specific fitness assessment that measures your current physicality for golf.  Targeting your back, shoulders, and wrists and other key areas - the screen assesses current swing mechanics, physical mobility, movement quality, stability and power generation capability. Your summary report will outline key findings and is used to create a training recommendation based on your current fitness and flexibility situation. 

  • 2 Personal Training Sessions - With your TPI assessment results in hand, you can work with certified fitness professionals from Woodinville Sports Club to help guide and establish your best fitness and flexibility roadmap for 2020.  

* Purchase of the package must be via the Fusion Golf Academy website. 

* This package is valid until March 1, 2020. The unlimited portions of the package conclude on 3/1/20.

* Golf lessons and personal training sessions must be scheduled minimum of 24 hours in advance. 

* Once purchased, Fusion Golf Academy will notify Woodinville Sports Club of purchasers name and contact information - purchasers must present ID to front desk staff when redeeming range balls and / or scheduling personal training sessions. 

* For scheduling Titleist Performance Institute Functional Movement Screen and golf lessons during the duration of the package, email Fusion Golf Academy or call 888.259.6509.

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