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The Fusion Golf School Outreach is an athletic development program designed for kids of all ages to effectively learn how to play golf. 


A great way for schools to broaden their physical education with the integration of golf, our program doesn’t only make physical education more attractive, but also supports the introduction of the sport of golf to those who may not have a chance to learn the game otherwise. 


Throughout the program, the kids develop and train balance, coordination, visual perception and eye hand coordination while quickly learning to play golf - making it ideally suited for the development of a lifetime health and fitness activity.


Using modified, age appropriate equipment, paired with simplified rules and terminology, our program allows golf to be learned and played in non traditional venues, such as on a soccer field, in a gym, or on a tennis court. 


By incorporating all the elements of golf in a modified form, we provide an easy and fun way to learn and play based on functional movement skills and the golf fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and the full swing. 


Located in the heart of Woodinville, Fusion Golf Academy is a full service golf learning facility focused on an integrated approach to peak performance in the sport of golf. Taking a holistic approach to golf learning, we provide a roadmap and guidance that delivers the physical, mental and technical foundations needed to enjoy the game from the grass roots to elite competitive levels. 

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