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Does Your Golf Swing Have a Power Leakage?

Sequencing may be the answer….

If you are in search of a better golf swing, it won't be long until you come across terms like Kinetic Chain or Kinematic Sequence. If these are new terms to you, no problem....they simply refer to the sequential transfer of force and movement from the ground upwards, through the pelvis, trunk, arms during the golf swing - ultimately ending up with as much speed as possible in the clubhead as it travels through impact with the golf ball. In plain English, its the sequence of how your body needs to move on the DOWNSWING in order to deliver powerful, accurate ball striking.

With the ability of technology to get bio feedback in real time with training tools such as Trackman, Kvest and Bodi Trak, we know for certain what the most efficient movement patterns are in the golf swing.

Especially important is the order of sequence on the DOWNSWING. The correct sequence is:

  1. Pelvic Rotation – Left hip clears first

  2. Trunk Rotation – chest follows left hip

  3. Arm and Hand Action - shoulders, arms and hands follow trunk rotation

  4. Hands deliver IMPACT of clubhead to the golf ball

Unfortunately, many players haven't had much help with this during their golf journey….and as a result, the downswing sequencing often occurs in reverse order, causing players to lose control of where the club head reaches the low point of it's arc, and where on the clubface impact with the ball occurs.

Check out how TW transitions from the top of his backswing. Note how at the top, his left front pocket is clearly visible, then immediately disappears from view as he starts his downswing. Even more visible is his left hip clearing at impact, creating a lane of travel for his shoulders, arms and hands to deliver the clubhead to the ball.

Now I know it's not fair to compare anyone to the GOAT, but....even if you can make incremental, small improvements in your downswing sequencing, the results can pay off big time. If you've ever wondered where effortless power comes from when you watch elite players, this is the answer.

So what should you to improve your sequencing?

  1. Get a basic trunk rotation stretching routine going. Even 5 minutes a day can help you to increase your available range of motion.

  2. Find a golf coach to help you get started with this change - the results will pay big dividends.

  3. Enjoy The Walk!!

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