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Take your next step in your journey to learn, play and enjoy the game of golf. The Fusion Golf Ladies Boot Camp is happening in 2023!! 


Designed specifically for the challenges women face in enjoying the game, this comprehensive five week boot camp is the perfect way to get started with golf - covering all facets of the game, from full-swing to short-game.

Video analysis and playing strategy make this program a "must-attend" for any woman seeking to enjoy the game in a non-intimidating environment.


What you’ll get in this 4 week program:

  • Provide you with a base knowledge on the game, basic golf skills, and most importantly the confidence required to get on the golf course!

  • Learn and fine tune specific golf skill sets in putting, chipping, pitching, irons, driving and bunker play.

  • Teach you how to navigate the golf culture - not just what to practice,  but how to practice it

  • Learn golf course etiquette and scoring.

  • Small group setting and individualized attention

Also included:

  • Golf Fitness for Women Orientation and Weekly Training! 

  • Personal Golf Journal - this will be a handy item for recording all the great stuff you learn! 

  • Mental Golf Workshop  - In this portion of the training, you will learn about the  critical mental aspects of golf. 

The Mental Golf Workshop will completely assess and measure a players personalized mental approach to the game of golf. This is a must for players of all skill levels. 

Upon completing a brief questionnaire designed to identify each player’s golf specific mental profile, a personalized summary is generated describing the player’s mental game tendencies. No complicated graphs or terminology, just straightforward accurate information about the player and their current mental game. 

With uncanny accuracy,  the personalized summary report accurately describes the players golfing personality style and behavioral traits - accurately defining the strengths and weaknesses of their current mental approach to the game.  


Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:30p

July 20 - August 17


$299 per person

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